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Date added: 07/12/2011
This program gives you the power to optimize your Startup Process by delaying applications from starting up as soon as you log into your computer. By delaying the applications during start up, your computer becomes usable a lot faster. Startup Delayer will then start launching your delayed applications when your computer is more idle. Does it take quite some time till your computer is ready to use? Do you find your computer is really unresponsive even though you can already see the Desktop? Do you want more control over what starts on your computer? When Windows loads it's Startup file, it attempts to load every program in there at the same time. Therefore if you have quite a lot of programs starting when Windows starts, each program will try and grab CPU and Disk time so that it can load. If each program tries to do this at the same time, you soon notice the slow down that occurs due to your CPU trying to help all the programs to load, and your hard disk accessing...
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 2395
Date added: 01/04/2016
Are you sick and tired of Windows asking you to upgrade to Windows 10? Join the club! GWX control panel will help you by removing those unwanted messages! This amazing program let you use your computer without being disturbed by the constant whining of Windows. Highly recommended for any Windows user who does not plan to upgrade to Windows 10 !
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 2224
Date added: 07/12/2011
If you stumble upon unwanted Windows programs, you usually have to head all the way to the Control Panel to remove it. MenuUninstaller adds an "Uninstall" option to the Windows context menu so you can remove programs right from their shortcuts. While you probably make occasional sweeps through the Add/Remove Programs dialog, it's more likely that you discover unwanted programs when you're scrolling through the Start Menu, and rarely do you want to go all the way to the Control Panel just to remove a program. MenuUninstaller adds a simple "Uninstall" option to the context menu for any shortcut on your computer, letting you uninstall a program from nearly anywhere. Just install Menu Uninstaller and start removing programs.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 1964
Date added: 01/30/2012
If you find that you frequently open a Command Prompt window and change to a specific directory, you can add the Command Prompt to your shortcut menu. This option enables you to right-click on a folder within Windows Explorer and choose `Open command window here which opens a Command Prompt window with that folder as your active directory. You can add this option by downloading and installing this program.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows

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