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You can find a very nice collection of free RPG's on this page. All games are really free and don't have limits. I only add freeware or open source games to this page. If you find a game that is not really free or has limits please be so kind to let me know so I can remove it.

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Downloadcounter: 3404
Date added: 11/17/2009
In Space Cowboy Online, players pilot their own individual starfighters (called "Gears") throughout a number of maps, including terrestrial, lunar, and space maps. It has typical MMORPG elements such as leveling, currency, and a skills system. ACE Online is a 3D space shooter that combines action and MMORPG elements. Developed by MasangSoft, one of Korea's most renowned game development houses, the game puts players in the role of fighter pilots and behind the controls of ships known as Gears. As the player battles in this intergalactic world at war, they will complete missions and engage other players in intense aerial dogfights.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 1904
Date added: 11/05/2011
RuneSword II takes us back to the days when role-playing games came with hefty manuals, requiring players to use pen and paper to keep track of everyone's progress, which was half the fun. This game is designed to appeal to those "pen paper" role-players! RSII features turn-based, strategic combat, 50+ skills, races, and several full-length adventures worlds. RuneSword II also comes with a completely flexible game construction set/world maker so that you can control every aspect of the game. You're free to develop any RPG genre to suit your playing tastes.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows XP or higher
Downloadcounter: 2038
Date added: 11/05/2011
Magebane 2 is a 3D single player roleplaying game where you command three monks on a quest to recover the holy Amulet of Yendor. Each monk masters a different school of magic, and you must find a balance in upgrading your skills in order to defeat your numerous enemies. Finding items will help enhance your abilities. You control your characters from zoomable bird's eye view, and you can give orders while the game is paused, or slow down the game to your liking.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows XP or higher
Downloadcounter: 3574
Date added: 06/12/2010
Knight Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG set place in a medieval world. Knight Online World thrusts players into a relentless world with the most hardcore PvP environment in the MMORPG genre. Free to download and completely Free2Play!
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 2314
Date added: 11/17/2009
Eternal Lands is a free to play multiplayer online role-playing game. The setting is a medieval fantasy world, with both historic elements such as medieval architecture and weaponry as well as fictional elements such as other humanoid races, gods and magic.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Downloadcounter: 2153
Date added: 11/17/2009
Entropia Universe is more than a game. The Entropia Universe is for real. Real people, real activities and a Real Cash Economy in a massive online universe.
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows
Downloadcounter: 2002
Date added: 10/30/2011
Dink starts out as an ordinary pig farmer, if pig farmers are ordinary. When his father disappears, Dink is left behind in a small village with his mother. Somehow, as he is outside, his house burns down, killing his mother. He is then told to go out of his village, into the world to find his aunt, and start living a new life with her. Along the way, he hears of a powerful and sinister group known as the Cast whose nefarious deeds are threatening the kingdom. Dink eventually makes it his quest to defeat this mysterious cabal. This game was once sold in stores, but is now available at no cost to you as freeware! That's a great thing since Dink Smallwood has developed something of a cult following as a hilarious adventure game that provides many hours of top-notch playing fun. One of the unique features of Dink is its abilities to run Dink Modules (DMOD's) for unlimited adventure. Dink Edit is included with the game so you can make your own adventures!
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows XP or higher
Downloadcounter: 2922
Date added: 11/05/2011
Ahriman's Prophecy is one of the finest freeware RPGs ever created. The adventure spans several distant lands and is addicting as all get out. Fans of the classic Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy and other original Nintendo 8 bit RPGs will quickly fall in love with this game. Ahriman's Prophecy is a beautiful fantasy world doomed to be destroyed by the demon, Ahriman. In a desperate attempt to stop the prophecy, the Daughters of Light send you, a young but powerful magic wielder, on a difficult quest to unlock the secrets of the prophecy and hopefully, learn how to stop it. You can find several other characters to join you on your quest, each with their own abilities and weapon options to help your party. Find magic wielders, warriors, thieves and others to help you on your joing. Find special items to travel to new lands to track down and destroy Ahriman!
English | License: Freeware | Platform: Windows XP

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