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Yo Frankie Download Yo Frankie is a 3D platform game featuring funny and furry characters, and the environment is outdoors in a open field with forests, lakes and lava. This game does not use the Quake engine. It runs on Blender Game Engine and is available for all major operating systems.Blender is a powerful, popular 3D modeling and rendering graphics software, which was used to create the stunning landscapes and lifelike behavior of the characters in the game. The game takes places in the universe of the Big Buck Bunny. You play Frank, hence the name, a bullying rodent that amuses itself byabusing other wildlife by tossing them around and throwing things at them like nuts and bones. Frank can also glide, being somewhat of squirrelly type. The goal of the game is simple - you have to pass the levels, fighting rodents, fighting sheep, tossing about their baby sheep and usingthem as props for your shenanigans, climbing rocks, tarzaning around, and collecting nuts and bones from your defeated opponents, which, by the way, explode when killed. Yo Frankie has a very simple premise, but it is a quite difficult game. Your little squirrel ninja will have to work hard to get pastits enemies. However, the most challenging part of the game will be the acrobatics. Leave Frank standing for a while and it will start making all sorts of funny faces and gestures. It will take some time before you learn how to fight effectively, jump well - and worse yet - fly. Some of the distances will be too muchto bridge by simple jumps. And Frank can't swim, so any mishap will end in a spectacular drowning. Overall, the game is quite interesting. One of the most impressive element is the graphics. The game is exceptionally well made, with soft rounded maps and lively characters. It looks and feels like a very expensive cartoon, much like the recent Pixar works. The fresh, bright colors and extreme beauty do have a price, though. You need to have a decent graphics card with 3D shaders enabled before you can run Yo Frankie Old and onboard cards will probably not work.The game is unsuitable for small children. The cartoon looks can fool people into thinking this is a fluffy Teletubby thingie. However, Yo Frankie is a rather violent game, with some slightly disturbing elements. For instance, abusing baby sheep does not seem like the best education. Furthermore, the game depicts drowning and death in vivid and funny detail. Yo Frankie is not a game you want want to let small children play.

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